Top 10.5 Newborn Must Haves for New Moms

10.  Washcloths

Sometimes you will need to give your newborn baby a quick wipe down, so having a cloth will allow you to do so.

Never ever go anywhere without one, even when leaving the hospital. You want to have your newborn baby safe at all times, driving without a car seat is like driving without a seat belt.

8. Bibs

You should purchase a cute set of bibs for your baby. Bibs are easier to change than changing the babies outfit. So make sure to have one especially when feeding the child.

Based on the season that you are in, your newborn should be dressed properly for that season. You want your baby to look the best at all times while feeling comfy.

6. Crib

You need a safe and comfy place to let your newborn sleep. Before you choose the right crib, make sure to research about it meeting all of the safety requirements. Keep in mind that a mattress, waterproof pad, and fitted sheets will be needed.

5.  Eurobath

You use one side for tiny babies, then switch it around and sit older babies in the other side. For newborns, you can fill it just enough to let them be slightly submerged and it keeps them in place in a reclined position. You can even use it on a countertop.

4. Towels

You want to keep your newborn baby feeling warm and dry at all times. Towels provide a quick way to keep them warm.

Blankets provide a secure, warm, and comfort of being in the womb. As soon as a baby is born, they get wrapped in a blanket. Blankets not only provide a clean place to put the baby for diaper changes, but it also can be used for privacy while breastfeeding babies.

The first thing a baby gets dressed in at the hospital is diapers. From now until you potty train your child, you will need to spend a lot of money on diapers. The chances of one diaper staying on a newborn for a long time are really slim, so be prepared to constantly change your babies diapers.

                  1.      Food

Of course your newborn baby doesn’t have teeth to chew on some steak and corns. The food that I’m referring to is for the mother. Chances are she will breastfeed and need some energy, so having food will provide her with energy to be able to breastfeed throughout the day. If the mother doesn’t plan on breastfeeding, then having breast bumps can be considered a way to provide food for the newborn.

           .5 Iphone

I bet you’re sitting there wondering how will your newborn baby use an Iphone? No, it’s not for your baby but more for yourself. You do not want to miss those precious memories of your child as a baby. Having an Iphone provides you with the ability to have both a camera and a video camera all at ounce. It’s great to capture those unforgettable moments with your child and send it to family members. Plus you can have calendar alerts to remember important appointments to the doctors. Make sure to follow us on twitter @ Top10Point5.

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