Top 10.5 Best Candy Bars

Crunch is a chocolate candy bar made with crisped rice and milk chocolate mixed together.

            It came out around 1937 by Nestlé, and now it is sold in over 40 countries worldwide. There slogan is; "For the Kid in You."

This candy bar is produced by Nestlé as well, and like Crunch, it also has chocolate and crisped rice, but offers caramel. You can prank your kids with this candy bar, for example, just tell them if they sing a full Justin Bieber song on a video that you'll give them a 100 Grand. After that, instead of giving him $100,000, just give him this candy bar and tell him to read the slogan; "That's Rich!"

This candy bar is made of chocolate - flavored nougat, peanuts and caramel all covered in chocolate. It was introduced to the market by the Curtiss Candy Company in 1920. It was named after the daughter of President Grover Cleveland, and not after the baseball player Babe Ruth.

            It was made in the United States by Mars inc. and introduced in 1932. The chocolate candy bar was five cents and was very popular back in the day. 3 Musketeers has a nougat center whom a lot of people seem to like, well not me and their slogan is Big" "Big on chocolate, Not on fat!"

With 12 pieces in this chocolate candy bar, there is no limit to your sharing needs, if you like to share that is. Personally, I like my Hershey bars with almonds or cookies'n'creme, and no one can forget about Hershey kisses. Another good use for Hershey bars is smores.

Milky Way chocolate candy bars were created by Frank Mars in 1923, and it was not named after our Milky Way galaxy. It was manufactured in Minnesota, and was named after milkshakes; it was once available for a nickel back in the days, and their slogan is; "Life's better the Milky Way."

Another Nestlé favorite is the Butterfinger candy bar; it was invented in Illinois in 1923. A Butterfinger bar consists of flaky/crispy orange-colored  peanut-buttery center covered with a chocolate coating. Some say that the recipe to the original Butterfinger was lost, so the bar didn't always stay the same. Their slogan is; "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger."

This candy bar is produced worldwide by Nestlé but it is under licensed in the US under The Hershey Company. It is composed of three layers of wafer in each piece of the product and is covered in a layer of chocolate. It was introduced in 1935, and was previously owned by Rowntree. Their slogan is; "Break time, anytime"(US)

2. Twix

            Mars Inc made an all-time favorite with this one. A Twix candy bar has caramel, milk chocolate and biscuits. They are packaged in pairs and taste great. It was produced in the UK in 1967 and then came to the US in 1979. I like Twix for the flavor and the slogan. Their slogan is; "Chew it over with Twix"

Mars Inc probably made history with this candy bar; I see it everywhere I go. It is made of peanut nougat with roasted peanuts, caramel and is covered by milk chocolate. It was introduced in 1930, ever since then it’s been very popular around the world. It's also an ice cream flavor (a good ice cream flavor). I had it in my house recently..... It didn't last very long. Their slogan is; "Hungry? Grab a Snickers!"

           If you’re a fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then you already know about this addictive candy bar. It’s considered to be the perfect candy bar. Nestle started selling them in real life but then stopped in January 2010. The Wonka bar where Graham cracker pieces dipped into milk chocolate. This chocolate bar is like chocolate crack and can be very addictive. Make sure to follow us on twitter @ Top10Point5.

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