Top 10.5 Dare Questions

10.  Stick Your Tongue on Flagpole

This one requires it to be winter time and the place that you live should be snowing. Just make them stick their tongue on a flagpole, most likely it will get stuck on there.

9. Fart

This is very funny especially when dealing with women. You should dare someone to fart; I recommend you dare a female. The prettier she is the better, there’s a myth that pretty girls don’t fart.

8. Drink

For starters make sure they don’t drink and drive. Dare someone to drink a whole bottle of beer or any other alcohol beverages. Hopefully you can get them to drink enough to start acting funny.

7. Do Makeup

This one will really piss off a female. You should dare a guy to do her makeup while being blindfolded. Hopefully the outcome will have her looking like Ronald McDonald.

6. Kiss Someone

If you really want to cause problems, you could dare a guy to kiss another guy.

5.  Suck toes

You should dare someone to suck another person toes. Its best to make them suck a guy toes since they tend to have more smelly feet.

4. Skinny Dip

Dare your friend to go skinny dipping. It would be more challenging if you would dare them to skinny dip in their neighbors pool.

3. Lick Your Elbows

Very few people can actually lick their own elbows. You should dare your friend to lick their elbows or they will have to face the consequences. Majority of the time they won’t be able to lick their elbows so have fun choosing a consequence, I recommend you make them pay money.

2. Waxing

This one is really for men. You should dare your male friend to go get a full body wax. Majority of time he will be scared because he never had one before, if not then you should question him about why he got waxes before?

1.      Eat Something Nasty

Find something nasty but not deadly and make them eat it. I would recommend that you make them eat a cockroach or you can just choose one of these from the list here (link). 

.5 Money

I wouldn’t be wasting my time making people do crazy dares such as getting wax, eating something nasty, skinny dipping, and etc. What I would do is go after their pockets. Dare them to give you all of their money. This is the best dare ever and doesn’t require a lot of thinking, who doesn’t want free money anyways?

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