Top 10.5 How to Be Submissive

10. Argue but Don’t Be Disrespectful


Relationships are all about having arguments and disagreements. When you take two different people who were raised differently and put them together, they are bound to have different views.

 Arguing is also helpful and healthy at the same time. It allows you to learn more about your mate and be able to change the things they don’t like.

The problem is that some women take the arguing to another level and start becoming disrespectful and even start name calling. You shouldn’t become disrespectful by making your man feel like your child. Calling him an A-hole, a punk, and trying to make him feel less of a man is wrong. Before you roll your eyes, I already know guys do the same too, but the purpose of this article isn’t about men.

9. Compromise


            When you and your boyfriend have disagreements, you both need to learn how to compromise with each other. A submissive woman will make compromises to help solve the problems that occur. For instance, when he starts spending more time with his friends than with you.

Instead of arguing with him about why he is always with his friend's blah blah blah. Let him know that although you have no problem with him hanging out with his friends, lately he has been spending more time with his friends than with you, and that you want some more quality time. If he doesn’t agree, then let him know that you can go find a new guy who will love to spend time with you.

8. Control Your Ego


The “I don’t need a man, and I can do bad all by myself” attitude should be left at the door. To be a submissive woman, you need to learn how to control your ego. If your ego tells you to always be competitive, it needs to be controlled because you are now in a relationship, and you can’t be competing with your man.

7. Stroke His Ego


To do this you don’t have to bow down to him and become his servant. A submissive woman will know how to stroke, her boyfriend’s ego. A woman who can cook a meal seems impossible to find these days, cooking him a good plate or giving him compliments about his accomplishments help stroke his egos. It helps him know you appreciate him, and he feels like a man. Always have your mans back under any circumstances but at the same time don’t bow down to him.

6. Be More Private


A relationship is between two people, not the whole world. Sometimes a guy doesn’t like his business to be all out. For instance, his relationship status might stay the same on Facebook just because he doesn’t like anyone in his business. To be a submissive woman you need to learn to be more private about her relationship. Stop telling your girlfriends about how great your man treats you, cooks, helps you out, and gives you gifts. It seems that good men like that are rare these days, and the friends whom you least expect, may start being jealous and might have the mindset of need THAT man instead of a man who is like that.

5. Leave Your Baggage at the Door


Your boyfriend isn’t your ex-boyfriend,  so why does he have to deal with all the baggage caused by your previous boyfriends. Bringing baggage into a relationship will most likely cause some drama and no real man wants to deal with any drama. I can understand that a lot of guys have been cheated on you, but this guy is showing you that he isn’t like that, but you keep on accusing him of doing it.

Stop being paranoid just cause your ex did it, because at the end of the day, you can’t make a person trust you if they aren’t willing to do it themselves. Actions speak louder than words, if he is showing you that he cares for you, then let it be, and if he cheats, then so be it. A submissive woman will trust her man to remain faithful at all times even if her ex caused her to lose that trust.

4. Have Your Own Opinions


A man wants a woman who is submissive but at the same time isn’t too submissive. You need to have your own opinions because a man will value you more. Although a guy wants to be in control, he also loves the fact that he knows he can ask you for an opinion about something. You need to be able to let your man know that his opinions are on some B’s. For instance, he is 34 years old, and now he wants to start a rap career? Instead of being disrespectful, let him know that you love the fact that he is passionate about something but rapping doesn’t pay the bills and majority of the time a rap career is started at a younger age.

3. Learn the Art of Shutting Up


“I got two degrees, a good job, and my own house, I don’t need you," when you say stuff like that, in a man’s mind. he starts to want you to “shut your a** up." No real man wants to sit around hearing his girlfriend talk about the things she got and trying to make it seem like she can do better. If you can do better, then why are you with him in the first place?

A bossy, non submissive, loud talking female is a major turn off for 98% of men. If a guy wanted someone to boss him around, he would have just dated his mom. It’s not that there’s no good man left. It's that you don’t know how to shut up. You keep on bossing guys around, and that runs them off. Every woman wants a good man, and a good man knows he is desired by other women, so why should he waste his time with an annoying girl like you?

2. Stop Being Competitive


Relationships are not about competition so what’s the point of trying to be competitive? A submissive woman will know how to take a step back and allow her man to be a man. A masculine guy knows how to lead and to be a leader; you have to be in control. Women don’t like to admit it but there’s nothing sexier than a masculine guy who can lead the household and make sure that both, her and the kids are taken care of. When she is around him, she knows that everything will be taken care of, and she won’t have to worry about a thing. To get a guy like that you have to be submissive, I don’t know why but a lot of women get offended by the word submissive.

1. Do Chores


A guy wants to feel like he is the man in the relationship. He wants to feel like he wears the pants and leads the household. He can’t do that with a woman who talks back too much and never wants to play her role. A man loves the fact that he can give his women chores. Chores as in she helps him with the things that he is working on. For instance, she can go run errands for him like picking him up some food, or she can help give him some ideas for a project he is working on. I know women hate the word “chores”, but you know you love being part of your man’s life and by doing chores you become a part of him.

.5 Make Sure He Qualifies


It’s pointless being submissive to a man who doesn’t know left from right. Some guys are not deserving of having a submissive woman because they aren’t able to lead. No wonder so many women complain about the lack of real men around. He has to show you that he can stand up and be a man before you allow him to call the shots. Don’t be like one of those dumb females who say they will only be submissive to their husbands and not their boyfriends. Isn’t a husband a boyfriend first? When you figure out that your man has those leadership qualities, take a step back by following him and letting him guide you. Make sure to follow us on twitter @ Top10Point5.

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  1. Wow.....ALL of this is b.s.!!! Men need to learn how to swollow there pride! Its a new world. Its not the 60's any more. Men get over it and get with todays world!!!

    1. I bet u single dum bitch

  2. Great article to read. Wish more people thought this way.

  3. You're correct with most of your post but it sounds a bit condescending for women. I got that sense when you were giving some examples. Like on number 9) you say "blah blah blah" to fill in the rest of what a woman would be complaining about. Also the "Do chores" for your man part; generally most define a chore as routine work around the house; even the pic shows a woman cleaning a plate.. but the examples you gave were providing personal assistant tasks for her man. (WHICH is okay) because a woman SHOULD support her man but you specifically put that as "chores" which could be perceived negatively or condescending to most.
    Overall, I think this is a great article because women, especially black women are statistically most single or single parent but the least submissive out of all races and wonder why they are single.. I've practiced most of your examples naturally but some learned and was reassured you you pointed out the biggest key for me: and that is making sure the man can lead BEFORE submitting.

  4. I love this article. I am a submissive woman who struggles at times letting go of control and allowing my king to lead me. This is very helpful. There is nothing better than being submissive to the man you love. If women were intended to lead like men... we would be men. The hardest part about being submissive is trusting someone else's judgment before you trust your own. If you can get past that roadblock then being submissive will come like a second nature. I'm definitely pro-submission. Submitting to your man let's you express and receive love on a totally different level. I know that by me submitting to my guy I am allowing myself to be protected and cared for. That's an amazing feeling to have as a woman. Simply amazing

  5. My man dominates me in the bedroom. Outside the bedroom, I call the shots and he always comes to me for advice. You don't have to be submissive all the time or dominant all the time. Just be human and take care of each other. A man should protect you. And you should protect him as well. Give him a good home to come home to and he will always come back for more.