Top 10.5 Reasons To Never date Single Moms

10. Millions of Women Without Kids


          With all these women in the world who are single and don’t have any kids. If you don’t have any kids at all, why in the world would you want to be with a woman with kids. There are more cons than pros dating a female with kids when you don’t have one.

In some states, you might end up being forced to pay child support for the kid even if the relationships ends but the kid seen you as a father figure. There’s is nothing wrong with dating women with kids but please choose wisely and not get caught up and end up having to take care of her kids even if you never wanted to in the first place.

******** Make sure to Google the presumption of paternity law before deciding to date women with kids.********

9. Too Busy


Taking care of kids takes a lot of times. Sometimes the kids get into the way of both of you being able to spend time together. When your schedule is free, she might be too tired or have something to do with her kids. This can be hard to deal with and make it impossible to date a woman with kids.

8. Never Ending Cycle


          Some single mothers come from family were having kids out of wedlock is a never-ending cycle. Her grandmother was a single mom. Her mom was a single mom. She is a single mom, will there be a high chance that if you have a daughter together she will end up a single mom? These days you have grandmother's at 32 years old, and it has become a common thing for people to have a bunch of kids out of wedlock. You must stay away from females like that.        

7. Baby Weight


            There are some women who after having kids they get back into shape. Not all women are able to do that and some never get back into shape after having kids. You might end up dealing with cellulite, a lot of stretch marks, sagging breast, hormones changing, and their face might even change, and they lose their attractiveness. NOT ALL WOMEN WITH KIDS ARE LIKE THAT, just some.  

6. Baggage


Women who have kids are considered bringing baggage to a relationship. If you have kids already, or if you’re a professional baby daddy with 6,7,10 kids feel free to combine your baggage with her baggage and create a Brady bunch lol. Not only might you have to deal with drama you might also have to deal with bitterness. Some women are bitter because their child’s father left them and some even take it out on both, you and the kid.

Some women are bitter that they raise their kids telling them how men aint sh*t and their kids carry that mentality into adulthood, especially daughters. By the way, if you deal with a female with kids, and you know you don’t want any, you already know if you end up getting her pregnant she is going to keep it so don’t fall into that stuff.

5. Might Not Love Them Enough


            Lets be honest, if you know you will end up loving your kid more than her kids and your kids will get special treatment than it is pointless to date a woman with kids. You should only date a woman with kids if you know that one day if the relationship leads to marriage you will be able to fully love her kids like your own 100%.

4. Some Are Looking For Father Figures


          You hear the stories of the girl going for the bad boys when it comes to dating but wanting to marry a nice guy. Some single mothers get pregnant by the bad boys and some do it at a young age, and now they will settle for you. Your helping takes care of a kid who isn’t yours, and she might only like you because you’re a father figure, and if she never had a kid she probably wouldn’t even look in your direction. There nothing wrong with wanting to be a father figure but just make sure the mother likes you for you and not just because the guy she wanted, isn’t around, and she wants you to take care of her problems.

3. No Need To Take Care Of Another Mans Seeds


           If you want to take care of another mans child because you love the whole package, both the kid and the mother, that’s fine. You shouldn’t feel like you must, take care of another mans problem. If a guy doesn’t have any kids himself, unless she women is attractive, in shape, cooks, nice personality, all around wife material, then I don’t see any reason to want to date a woman with kids if you don’t have any.

            Some states even require you to help take care of her kids, and if you mess around and get her pregnant. Let's say her baby daddy is no where to be found and isn’t paying child support. She will most likely use your child-support payments to take care of both your kid and the kids she has with other men. I don’t even want to go into how the child support court systems are biased against men.

2. You Can’t Discipline The Kids


A lot of these kids, these days are straight up bad. Some are rebelling because daddy isn’t around. When dealing with a woman with kids a lot of them don’t want you to discipline their kids. What if you end up having a family? You can spank your kid but don’t do anything to her kid even though her just set the house on fire? Some of the these kids are straight up disrespectful to you, and you might end up hearing the famous line, “ You ain’t my daddy.” Some might even go tell their dads lies about you beating them and mistreating them, and you have to deal with an angry baby daddy trying to fight you.

            Some of these kids are straight up cock blockers. You can't spend any quality time with the mom because they are always up and wanting to play Xbox all night. At the same time, your probably spending money on the kid and paying for 3 on dates, you, the kid and the mom.

1. Baby Daddy Drama


Lets be bold, honest, and a little hurtful. Some of these women have kids by some of the worst type of men available. I can understand that if he changes after she has the kid, and she can't control that. A lot of the times these men show signs that they will be bad fathers, but some of these females don’t care. Some even think that a baby will make him change and keep him around. Then some even go around blaming others for their actions and never point the fingers at themselves. 

If a female has one of those dumb baby daddies, you will most likely end up dealing with some type of drama. He might try to fight you, kill you, not want you around his kids, and might even try to get back with her. I’m not saying all single mothers deal with men like that because I clearly used the word SOME. Most importantly she might even be messing around with the baby daddy and getting their freak, on even if they are broken up.

.5 She May be Immature


I already know a lot of women are going to gang up on me for calling single mother immature. I’m not calling them immature, but these days, there are 11 forms of birth control available for women. If you don’t want to have kids, you won't have them because you’re the only one that controls your body, and you can't possibly be allergic to every form of birth control. Because of all these forms of birth control, women get pregnant if they want to get pregnant. If they happen to get pregnant, then you would have to question their maturity level because of not being able to prevent pregnancy even with all these birth controls.  

Some women will roll their eyes and say it takes two to get pregnant, blah blah blah. Sure it takes two, but women have the more power. A woman doesn’t have to have a kid if she doesn’t want one, while a man has no options because it's all in the hands of the female. Men can either use a condom, get a vasectomy, but they have to be a certain age and might need to have kids first. The third option, is just prayer that she doesn’t get pregnant. It's not a law that you must not date women with kids. The choice is up to you.  

There are exceptions to the rule like women in their 40s or women who have been divorced and stuff like that. The purpose of this article was not to bash single mothers but to give advice to men who are considering dating single mothers but aren’t sure. At the end of the day if you choose to date a woman with kids, you should find out what are the reasons she got pregnant because there are exceptions to the rule like the child father dying or her getting pregnant during  a long-term relationship.

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  1. Excellent article! I almost took a single mom (and her two teenage boys) out to lunch but refused a few days prior to the date. Later yesterday, I felt bad about doing so, nevertheless, I read this article and realized I have made the right choice. In fact, she had even chosen a fine Italian restaurant to go to and I would have ended up paying $100 for four people. This article may seem a bit harsh to many, but it's true. Thank you for posting this!