Top 10.5 Double Standards Examples

10. Cheating


          When it comes to cheating, when a woman cheats a lot of the time people make excuses for her. The common excuse for a woman cheating is that she cheated for emotional reasons, which is a big double standard. That may be true, to a certain extent, but if a man cheats, he is called all different types of names under the sun. Let's face it, there are women out there who are straight-up  dogs and take advantage of good guys who treated them like a queen.

9. Marriage                                


            A lot of the times theirs nothing wrong with a man who is in his 30s still single and not trying to get married. It seems that if a woman is past the age of 30 and is still single, then society considers her damaged goods, which is a big double standard. Her friends, family, co-workers, will start asking her questions about why she hasn’t been married and when is she going to get married. Society makes it seem like if a woman isn’t married by her early 30s, then something is wrong and the whole purpose of a woman existing is to get married, smh.

8.  Friendship With Opposite Sex


There's nothing wrong with a man being friends with several females. Unfortunately, when it comes to women, a lot of the times when she has a lot of male friends people think something is wrong with that, and she needs more female friends. Even the guys she dates start to not like her hanging out with her male friends. Some people believe that woman and man can't be genuine friends without ever getting physical, especially if the female is attractive.

7. Age Difference


When a man dates a woman who is very younger than him, there's nothing wrong with it. When a woman dates a guy who is much younger, she is called a cougar, and people consider him her boy toy. Some people don’t even think their relationships can even last because of her being so old. I'm talking about 10+ years older. At the end of the day, age is nothing but a number and if two people are in love their age shouldn’t matter, so what if they have a huge age gap in between them.

6. All Men Are Dogs


There's a big myth that women have about men that they are all dogs. Usually, the bitter, insecure, scorned ones who got hurt by men have that mentality. Dogs are very loyal, so are they saying all men are loyal? There might be some guys who are dogs, but just because one apple is rotten it doesn’t mean every other apple is the same way.

5. Aging


            Men are considered wine, and women are considered milk when it comes to aging. A wine tastes better as it gets older, and men get more financially stable and become more successful as they get older. Milk expires as it gets older and starts to stink, women lose their beauty as they get older and some even let themselves go completely. That’s a big double standard that society has, although it may be true to a certain extinct, it's not always that way.

4. Playing Victim


A lot of women love to play the victim and point the finger at the men. A lot of women will run and try to defend women to help them play the victim role even further. Women are not victims and should be held accountable for their actions. It’s a big double standard but at the same time, men are expected to man up and be held responsible for their actions.  

3. Domestic Violence


           Domestic violence is a very dangerous thing that has been increasing in a lot of relationships. The problem is that there is a big double standard when it comes to domestic violence. Some women feel that they can hit a man, but he shouldn’t hit her back because she is a woman. A lot of the times even if the woman was the one doing the abusing it goes unreported and other times they will kick the guy out even if he didn’t start it instead of kicking the women out. Its sad that some women want to act like men, but still want to be treated like women at the end of the day.

2. Dating


When it comes to dating, there is a big double standard that exists. If a woman goes out on multiple dates and is seen with different guys all the time she is considered easy or a slut. If she sleeps with several men, she is considered a slut and called all different types of names. It's like society want women to act like virgin Mary and pretend they don’t enjoy sex as much as men.  

On the other hand, if a guy is seen with several women and sleeps with several, he is considered the player, the alpha male, the cool guy, and is given props by a lot of people. Some women even become more attracted to guys when they see them with different attractive women because he seems pre-selected and there must be something about him that is attractive if all these girls are going after him.

1. Laws


Whether you like it are not one of the biggest problems with are societies today is that the laws are in favor of women and unfortunately, some women who know this use it in their favor. Women can have multiple kids and date the wrong guys but the only thing that’s going to happen is them losing their looks. Men, on the other hand, all it takes is marrying or having kids with the wrong female and their life can become a living hell. Since women are generally given custody of the kids, there are a lot of women who won't allow the father to see the kids and use their kids as a meal ticket because of the financial benefits.  

If a man gets divorced the courts are not on his side. More men pay alimony than women even after losing half of their assets, and I already given an example of the double standards when it comes to domestic violence laws. At the end of the day more men need to realize that they don’t have the option of messing up and getting with the wrong women because these laws are not on their side, and that’s the reason why its #1 on are list.

.5 Chivalry                


It's not that I have a problem with being chivalrous. It's the fact that chivalry is a big double standard and isn’t equality. Men are expected to pay, open doors, pick her up, open car doors, and, etc. Women aren’t expected to do those things and men aren't expected to do those things for their male friends, just women. That isn’t equality if you ask me, and that’s a big double standard that comes with dating. If a guy isn’t expected to do those things for men, why should he be sexist and only give those privileges to women? Make sure to follow us on twitter @ Top10Point5.

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