Top 10.5 Things To Steal

10. Flowers


          It's cuffing season, and a lot of people are looking to be cuffed especially women. Cuffing season is during winter when people want to be in relationships to have someone warm them up and bring them to parties around the holidays. It's usually women who want to be cuffed so it’s a great time for men to meet a new woman. The problem is that flowers, especially roses can be very expensive if you want to give some to the women you're trying to cuff. A great item to steal is flowers you can even sneak into your neighbor's backyard at night to steal them just make sure they have no scary dogs.

9. Towels


            If you're doing a lot of traveling during this winter, there will be a lot of towels available in the hotel rooms. One of the best things to steal is those towels and taking them with you when it comes time to leave to go back home. It's not going to hurt the hotel, and they have been a lot more available for other guests, and hotel rooms are already expensive too.

8.  Splenda


You know that little ketchup, napkin, and salt packages that are available? Some may not know the company names, but it's usually Splenda. Why pay for something when you can get it for free? And they are usually available at restaurants that you already paying for food at, anyways. If they really cared for you stealing them, then they wouldn’t put a lot of them on your table.

7. Newspaper


Who read the Newspaper with the internet and TV being available at any time? Well, a lot of people actually still love reading the newspaper and filling out those crossword puzzles. The problem is that some are too lazy to pay for the newspaper. The best option is to steal the newspaper from the newsstand when the owner isn’t looking. You can even steal magazines too.

6. Music


The record industry is not making any money. A popular thing that a lot of people steal, and you should consider stealing is music. All you have to do is download the music and don’t tell anybody that you stole it. Just because you download free music doesn’t mean you can't go buy it. Why buy a car without test driving it first? You can steal music to see if it's worth buying but later buying the album.

5. Toilet Paper


            You're going to need a lot of toilet papers so you could s**t all day, lol. Instead of buying toilet paper it should be easy to steal them for a five finger discount. The best places to go steal them would be in a nice public bathroom, the types that are always clean and well taken care off. After using the bathroom just take the whole role of toilet paper with you.

4. Watch Free Movies


Movies are expensive and in this economy a lot of expenses have to be cut. One of the best things to steal is free movies. When you go into a movie theater after watching the movie, you paid for, you can try sneaking into another movie. Why should they care? It's not like the theater is going to lose money by you taking up seats. Another option would be to download and watch free movies.

3. Cable


           Who doesn’t like cable? If you watch TV, I'm sure you love watching cable programs. Even those who can't afford cable would love to have it. The best way to fix that would be by doing what I like to call, stealing free cable. You can look online to find methods of doing so and wait until its dark outside at night and go to mess around with your cable box. Be careful because some neighbors are snitches.

2. Car


For a person who likes stealing big-ticket items and selling them later. A College Campus should be a paradise for them. It should feel like heaven on earth because of all the cars available for you to steal. Don’t be a dummy and try to steal during the day, you should sneak into the parking garages late at night, since they're probably won't be any security guards around. Then just have your choice of any car you want and be prepared to disable alarm systems, break into the car, and start it without any keys.

1. Wi-Fi


The internet is one of the best and the worst inventions that exist today. You can make money online but at the same time, the internet is full of internet thugs. You may have noticed them arguing/threatening each other on youtube comments or any other websites comment section. Having the internet can be very expensive, and it can be hard to afford in this bad economy. Some people are dumb enough to forget to put a password on their wi-if or if you’re a true hacker, then you can figure it out. Wi-if is hands down the best thing to steal because you get access to one of the best inventions ever, the internet.

.5 Someone Heart                                


I’m not talking about going and cutting out someones heart. If you want to do that, then its all you, just remember every action has a reaction lol .Like I said above, it's cuffing season and a lot of people are looking to be cuffed. The best thing to steal during this holiday is someone's heart and its priceless too. Both men and women can sweep someone they're interested in off their feet and steal their heart. You already know you need someone to bring back home to holiday parties, and you need someone to keep you warm. Stealing someone's heart is the priceless thing to do. For me personally only things I’m cuffing is my money lol. Make sure to follow us on twitter @ Top10Point5.

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