Top 10.5 Most Dangerous Gangs

10. The Mungiki


         This is one of the unique  gangs on this list because you can't find them in the U.S. They were established in the 1980s in Kenya, Africa. They split each other up into sets and each sets contain up to 50 members who work together to commit crimes. They are against Christianity and any form of westernization. Many of the members who decided to want out of the gang would have to fled to America and seek asylum.

9. Nuestra Familia


            They are Mexican prison gangs that originated in Northern California. They have been around since 1968 and are considered big rivals of the Mexican Mafia. They value protecting the Chicano culture even though are societies today is dominated by other races and cultures. They are known to kill anyone and even their own members if they have to. The members are required to put the gang above family, money, women, and drugs.  

8.  Texas Syndicate


            They are a California prison gang that was created in response to other gangs. All the members have to be of the Hispanic race. The members are usually Mexican immigrants and majority of their leaders are locked up. They were established in the 1970s in Folsom Prison in California.

7. Mexican Mafia


The gang started in 1950 in Tracy, California. They are considered one of the oldest and most powerful gangs that exists. They are known for uniting rival gang members from the outside and bully non members in the prisons. They are also known for having a big rivalry going between them with the Nuestra Familia. One thing that is unique about this gang is the fact that they don’t have a particular leader.

6. Crips


They are known for being one of the most popular gangs in America and having a big rivalry with the bloods. They were founded in Los Angeles, California in 1969 by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams. The gang was inspired by the black Panthers and started off small. The gang has over 300,000 members spread out throughout the nation, and they are known for wearing the color blue. One thing about this gang that not only did they fight rivals, but they also fight each other.

5. Hells Angels


            What makes them so unique compared to the others on this list is the fact that they are a biker gang. They do things such as motorcycle rallies, parties, trips, events, and, etc. One the flip side, they also are known organizing crimes. They are one of the most famous gangs not only in America but worldwide. Their motorcycle of choice is usually Harley’s. They are classified as one of the big four biker gangs because of being known for carrying out violence, drug deals, extortion, and, etc. They were formed in 1948 in Fontana, California.

4. Bloodz


They are one of the popular gangs in America right now and are known for wearing the color red. They are also known for battling the Crips over territory of Los Angeles since the 1980s. They were formed in 1972 and gained popularity by taking over territory owned by other gangs throughout Los Angeles. Still to this day they are considered one of the most dangerous gangs. The gangs are separated into sets, and each have their own tactics. They are also known for combining other gangs to carry out criminal activities.

3. Latin Kings


They are considered to be the largest and the best organized Latin based gang in the nation. They have various tribes stationed out in different states throughout America. They were formed in the 1940s in Chicago, Illinois and consisted of mainly Mexican and Purto-Rican males. Their leader is Gustav Colono, and he is currently locked up for distributing cocaine. What distinguished them from other Latin gangs is how brutal they are and the amount of violence they caused.

2. Zoe Pounds


They may not be as popular as the other gangs on this list but the reason they are ranked so high is because they are known for being extremely violent. Rival gang members from bigger gangs have even expressed fear because of how dangerous of a gang they are. They are based in Miami, Florida and were started during the late 1980s. They were created to protect Haitian immigrants in Miami. They started as a rap group but quickly turned into a nightmare for the Miami police. They have been involved in numerous murders, drug trafficking, robbery, and, etc.

1. MS-13


They are also known as Mara Salvatrucha and were formed in the early 1980s in Los Angeles, California. They are the most dangerous gang in America right now and have spread throughout the nation and into Canada, Mexico, and even Central, America. They were set up by immigrants who had migrated into the country and their purpose was to protect the immigrants. That all quickly change and now they are considered a big danger throughout the nation. They are known for killing, drug trafficking, selling guns, theft, and, etc. They have the largest prison population in California and New York.

.5 Al-Qaeda


To some they are a group of terrorists who are at war against the United States, to me, they are also a gang. They are known for being the cause of September 11 terrorist attacks, which killed over 3,000 people. What makes them different from other gangs is the fact that they have no problem committing suicide and even bombing their own self. The group was founded by Osama bin Laden and are truly one of the most dangerous gangs not only in America but in the world. Make sure to follow us on twitter @ Top10Point5.

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